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Nicholas Pisano
Born in Pennsylvania
25 years
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daniels momma
Thinking of you always ..stay close to your mom !! love to you both xoxoxo
~Sad Aunt Jo to Leah Avril~

May 25, 2010,**** Dearly loved Barb, Thank you so much for the message you wrote in Leah's memories page. It so touched my heart. Our children are together and I know my God does not make mistakes. Things happen we can never understand here on this earth, and when the day comes that we can know, it won't matter. All we will be wanting to do is rejoice with the Lord and our loved ones.

              I am sorry your trial got postponed; it is like we are in limbo waiting to get over this major hurdle so we can finally learn to accept the peace that God so graciously has for us. Leah's mother, (my sister) has got to be the most pitiful little human on earth. My pain is for my sister now and seeing what she and Sissy and my mother, and Haley and Leah's dad are going thru. I can do nothing more for Leah except keep her memory alive here and make sure she is never forgotten. She was so special to so many, but I know she is with the Lord and I find that so comforting. I have come across so many things that lets me know she truly loved God.

              Nicky is special to me. When I read he was reading his Bible when he was killed, that touched my heart. It also made me ask questions that I know only God has the answers to. His new trial date is set on Leah's birthday, June 13. I have been praying for justice to be served for Nicky, and maybe it will happen on her birthday. His other trial date June 7,(the one postponed) was set on Leah's sister Amy's birthday.

             God has brought so many wonderful people in my life thru the website. I will continue to uphold you in prayer, Barb. Leah's murderer is still behind bars. He has a July 26 plea date scheduled if it does not get postponed.  I do not think the D.A. is going to accept a plea deal. We just saw in the paper where her killer was indicted by the Grand Jury on another Domestic Violence charge.( a previous one that the State had set aside) He is claiming it was an accident when he shot Leah but we know it was not. We believe she was trying to break up with him.

               There is a lot going on I'm not privy to disclose, but I know God is going to take care of us and we have put it in His hands. I want Leah's killer's soul to be saved, but I also want him to pay thru the court system and the laws of our land for what he did, and that is not wrong. Even God handed out judgement ,and lots of times tough judgement, to the very people He loved and chose. As a christian, God is helping me not to be bitter. Leah's killer very seldom crosses my mind. It is all about Leah now and keeping her alive in our hearts. Thank you for being a part of that process.      Jo Ann Finchum

Aunt Jo to Angel Leah Avril

Sweet and precious Barb and family, I just have to say everytime I visit Nicky's memorial, I just feel the overwhelming love for him. It is such a feeling, I want to linger. While "lingering" today I read the prayer you found in his apartment after his death. I was so moved by a line in particular, I had to tell you. Quote~

" My God's hand cannot be held back, nor His will." Ponder on that. That is so powerful! Thank you Nicky for reaching out to me today thru your prayer. You are truly in the land of the living, while we are only existing until that great reunion day. Won't we be shouting then!     I am so glad to have you Barb as part of my Angel family. Thank you for all you do for my Leah. It means so much. Her Sissy said last night she looks forward when she gets home from work to see all of the candles that have been lit for Leah. Little things are what matters most sometimes. We are grateful.  (T.Y. for fixing my messed up candle)   Leah's Aunt Jo

Leah Avril's Aunt Jo

Nicky's Mom, I can not tell you how affected I was when I read about Nicky. My heart is broke all over again to think another family is having to endure what we are going thru right now. My niece's murderer is behind bars on 1,000,000 bond. They have postponed the preliminary hearing 3 times already, we are set for Jan.22 again. I just want him indicted as soon as possible, to begin this long journey thru the court system so we can begin to heal if ever. My mom is almost 79 and I want her around to see justice, however small, is done for her baby Leah. This has been an absolute nightmare as only people who have worn these shoes could know. But by the Grace of God are we able to get out of bed. Please keep us informed as to your upcoming trial. If I knew your local paper name I would like to follow it. I may make a special page for murdered Angels for their family to post upcoming trials, arrests, and other news of thier loved one. If you know of one that exists please let me know. Forever in our hearts, Nicky~~~God be with you all.    Jo Ann Finchum { the saddest aunt on earth at this moment}

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