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Nicholas Pisano
Born in Pennsylvania
25 years
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Life story
February 24, 1983



Nicholas Robert Pisano arrived in this world on Thursday Febuary 24th 1983 in the evening at 6:44 pm at Frankford Torresdale Hospital to Barbara and Paul Pisano weighing in at 6 lbs 13 ounces.He was 20 inches long.His Doctor was Dr Wettlaufer.His aunt Reenie Fragale assisted in his birth.We loved him from the start.

Nicky's sunrise

Nicky's sunrise

The arrival of the Pisano clan
And then there were four.The arrival of little Nicky was a blessing for his older brother Paul.Finally someone to watch over and play with,oh how much fun we will have.
The Pisano clan

Looking for more adventure in their lives Paul and Nicky prayed for one more to join in and then there were 5.On August 12th 1985 Vincent Joseph Pisano was born and his big brothers Paul and Nicky couldn't be happier.My three sons.


The Pisano clan
Now to add some sugar to the mix baby number 4 and then there were 6. On December 17th 1986 our little doll was born.Rachel Marie Pisano.Her 3 older brothers Paul,Nicky and Vinny would have to keep a watchful eye on this precious beauty
The Pisano clan
If that was not enough to keep mom and dad on their toes,there was one more needed to complete this circle of love and then on December 29,1988 James Anthony Pisano was born and brothers Paul,Nicky,Vinny and sister Rachel jumped for joy .Our 7th Heaven

Nicky's dedication day

Nicholas Robert Pisano was dedicted to the Lord at Calvary Temple Church.His parents were proud to make a committment to God to raise him Christian


Nicky's dedication day

Nicky's Godmother was his Aunt Diane who couldn't have been happier as she was pregnant with Nicky's cousin CJ who would later be a playmate for Nicky


Nicky's dedication day

His Uncle Mark was his Godfather.He just had a baby boy and knew that Nicky and his cousin Mark Jr would be great playmates


The Fab 5

Nicky's First Birthday

Nicky's first Birthday  Febuary 24,1984

Nicky's last Birthday Feb 24th 2008

March 31, 2008

Nicky's Sunset

Nicholas Robert Pisano was born in Philadelphia Pa on Febuary 24th 1983 to Barbara and Paul Pisano and passed away on March 31st 2008.He is survived by his parents,3 brothers Paul,Vincent and James and by his siter Rachel.He has 3 neices God daughter Angelyna,Alyssa and Vienna and 1 nephew Vincenzo.He is also survived by his maternal grandparents and many aunts,uncles and cousins.His dog Bella remains with us.We will love Nicky always and miss him forever and a day.

Nicky was brutally shot as he opened his door to two men who were impersonating a pizza delivery but in actuality wre there to rob him.He was shot with his Bible in his hand

Nicky's trial starts June 2011 and we pray for justice for Nicky

We want to thank everyone who lights candles and leave graphics for Nicky.We cherish them all as we do you.Love and God Bless

Please add your loved one to either Nicky's friends page or angel friends page.

March 31, 2008